Before Set Up A Roku Streaming Stick or Roku TV

If you are looking to create a Roku account before you set up your Roku streaming player, visit any of the following:

  • com/link
  • roku com link
  • URL roku com link
  • com/link create account Link – Roku activation code is a formal URL that assists users to activate their Roku streaming stick. All you need a Roku activation code to complete the Roku setup process. You can find the Roku activation code on your email address that you mentioned in your Roku setup account.

Visit to Activate Roku Device

However, if you still confused, how to setup Roku with link code? Don’t fret, folks! We assist you. Consider the below-mentioned steps to activate your Roku streaming stick or Roku TV via URL roku com link.

visit rokucomlink to activate roku device
  1. First of all, connect your Roku device to your home wireless network.
  2. Connect your computer to the home router.
  3. Open any of your preferred web browsers on your computer or laptop.
  4. Visit the www roku com website.
  5. Log in to your existing Roku account; else, create a new Roku setup account.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. After that, you get the confirmation message stating that you have completed the Roku activation procedure. Create Account

Before you add channels or start streaming online on your Roku streaming player, you need to create a Roku account before your Roku device setup. Regardless you decide to create your Roku setup account, and you must use a valid email address to manage your account. Similarly, choose a robust and secure password.

During Activation

During the Roku activation phrase, you can link your Roku device to your existing Roku setup account, or you can create a new one. For sign, you can visit to create an account sign in.

Stuck somewhere while linking up your Roku account, get in touch with us via our toll-free number +1-855-618-5100.

Troubleshoot: Not Working

Got an error while entering the Roku link code on the website If you found an error after entering the Roku link code, try to re-enter the code again. There might be a typing error or temporary network error. If not,

  1. Press the Star (*) button on your Roku remote, and then hit on the ‘Get a new code’ option.
  2. Once you retrieve the new Roku link code, return to to enter the new code.
  3. Entered the Roku link code, but the Roku streaming player stuck on the link code screen.
  4. Sometimes, it takes a couple of minutes to complete the Roku activation process.

So, please wait for a while, if the Roku device continues to show the freeze URL Roku com link screen, then follows the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly, ensure you have completed all the steps to activate your Roku streaming stick or TV.
  2. If you see ‘Error 001’ along with the message ‘not connected’ on your TV screen, it means your Roku streaming player not connected to the Internet. So, try to make it connect with the Internet and then retry to activate your Roku via roku com link.

Roku Streaming Player and Roku TV Setup Related FAQs

If for some glitch, your Roku player failed to find the capabilities of your home LED, you can configure the display type on your own easily. Consider the below-mentioned steps to change the display type on your Roku streaming player.
  1. Press the home button via your Roku smart remote.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Choose Display type.
  4. Choose from the list as per your LED screen size and preference.
  5. Press the OK button.
  6. That’s it! You are done here. Somehow, if pop-up displays on your LED’s screen asking for confirmation, then hit on the ‘Force Output to’ option.
To enjoy online streaming content, you always require a wired or wireless internet connection and a Roku setup account. If you don’t have a Roku account, then visit Or if you want to use it as a traditional TV, then connect it to some cable or satellite box.Roku TV setup steps:
  1. Insert batteries in the Roku smart remote control.
  2. Power on your home LED TV.
  3. Connect your Roku streaming player to your LED TV.
  4. The first screen asks you to choose your preferred language.
  5. Unless you are configuring your Roku TV, select the ‘Home Use’ option.
  6. Connect your Roku to your home wireless/wired network. Optional: If you want to watch online streaming content, otherwise skip, you can skip this step.
  7. Download the latest software and firmware version.
  8. Create a Roku setup account. Skip this step if you don’t want to go online.
  9. Now, visit www roku com to activate your Roku TV.
  10. You are finished here. Now, your LED TV is ready.
If you are stuck somewhere in-between, then get in touch with us via our toll-free number +1-855-618-5100.
Basically, it depends on which Roku player you have. Roku streaming player uses two types of remote control, they are:Infrared remote or Standard IR remote: It uses invisible infrared light to transmit signals from remote to Roku streaming players.Enhanced remote or Point-anywhere remote: It works over a wireless network, and you do not need to point it towards the Roku device. Simply press the button, and Roku follows.
Roku error code 011 appears because of a software update failure, and your Roku device is unable to connect to the Roku server. Don’t panic! Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix Roku error code 011:
  1. Wait for a few minutes, and then ‘Try again.’
  2. Visit www roku com and visit check if you found Roku error 011.
  3. If still, the error exists, try to reconnect to the Internet. If this doesn’t fix the error, get in touch with us through our toll-free number +1-855-618-5100.
If your Roku streaming stick or Roku player connected to an electric power outlet.
  1. Use the genuine power adapter.
  2. Correctly attach the power adapter.
  3. Try a different power outlet.
  4. Check the light.
  5. Try the USB port on your home LED TV.
Ensure that all devices connected to your Roku streaming player support audio over HDMI. If your Roku remote is warm or hot to touch, then discontinue the use of your Roku remote control. Place it on a hard non-flammable surface and let it cool down.FAQ: How to solve problems with my Roku IR remote?Answer: To fix Roku IR remote has stopped working problem, try the following:
  1. Look for visible obstructions.
  2. Try to reseat the batteries.
  3. Replace the batteries.
  4. Try to replace it with a new Roku remote.